Bravo Property Trust is a balance sheet real estate finance company that funds senior loans for the acquisition and stabilization of commercial real estate properties until a permanent HUD financing is provided.

Bravo Bridge Fund

Bravo Property Trust works with exceptional sponsors executing thoughtful real estate strategies. We are optimized to streamline the process from a bridge financing to a HUD exit and use proprietary capital to act swiftly and consistently to further our clients’ goals.

Aligment with an Early HUD Exit

Typically Non-Recourse

Coordinated Underwriting Approach

Up to 80% LTV

Bridge-To-HUD Term Sheet

Multifamily, Skilled Nursing, and Assisted Living

Up to 80% LTV (as-stabilized) and 90% LTC


Up to 36 Months

Interest Only

First Mortgage

1% finance fee

Non-recourse typically with standard carveouts for multifamily, full recourse may be required for
other property types.

Required for property taxes insurance, repairs, and an interest reserve may be required depending on the transaction.

Borrower is responsible for due diligence and transaction costs.

$15,000 legal deposit due at execution of term sheet.

Required to meet net worth and liquidity depending on transaction type and size.

The bridge loan is contingent upon an acceptable Environmental Report, Property Capital Needs Assessment, Appraisal, and